Scorpions in Las Vegas

Scorpion in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is home to a desert like climate which makes it a great home for a variety of different scorpion in Las Vegas. Scorpion in Las Vegas start to come out even more during the warmer temperatures where they can flourish and reproduce. One of the most common scorpion in Las Vegas is the bark scorpion which can be found all around the Las Vegas valley.


Scorpions have painful stings. Make sure your family is protected and secure.

There has been an increase in the amount of scorpions in the Las Vegas valley which is a concern for entomologist. Previously, ants and cockroaches were the most common nuisance when it came to pest control in Las Vegas but slowly, with growing scorpion numbers, the number one call that control companies in Las Vegas are receiving, are calls for scorpions. Most people will usually make the call when they happen to find one inside of their home or around their home. This sighting is the first warning signal that their home can be a target of scorpions that are trying to find food and shelter.

Scorpions reproduce primarily during the Spring and Fall. Because of this, spotting a scorpion, especially during these seasons can be a sign that you can expect to see more, with the next generation of scorpions being created.

Scorpions don’t really seek out to sting people or children. In most cases it is out of a reaction for fear that they are going to be attacked. Therefore having children around the home or a scorpion in the home while people sleep, can prove to be a dangerous combination.

The bark scorpion stinging an adult will cause small reactions in adults. The biggest concern arises when a child or senior is stung because their bodies don’t react as well to the venom as they do in adults. Scorpion stings can be very dangerous to women and children (especially children under the age of 5). The prevailing theory that raises the concern for stings in children is that their smaller body sizes can’t deal with the amount of venom that is injected into them.

Of course, preventative and most importantly, proactive actions can be taken to reduce the risk that children, seniors, or women in the home won’t be stung during the scorpion season. In the case that someone is bitten however, it is recommended to rush to an emergency room especially in the cases where the sting has caused a lot of pain or swelling in the victim.

What can be done to protect your home against scorpion in Las Vegas?

A scorpion control Las Vegas company can be sought out to deal with the scorpions in or around your home. The important thing, when finding a pest control company, is to get to know what their approach will be. Some companies might just offer to catch and remove the current scorpions that are in or around the property. Of course this can be a short term successful attainment but later down the road can prove to be more expensive and risky. Simply removing the current scorpions (assuming that every single baby and adult scorpion is found and removed) is not enough because this isn’t a proactive approach.

A better scorpion control company would offer a plan of attack that would proactively work to stop the future appearance of scorpions in or outside of your home. By setting up a protective barrier, you could rest assured that the wellbeing and safety of your family would remain intact due to the protective barrier that can be set up around your home. This type of approach work to ensure that no more scorpions make it across your yard and most importantly into your home, where children, women, or seniors might reside.

What to look for: Scorpion in Las Vegas removal company

Whoever you decide to work with should pass a couple of simple tests.

First ask them, how long have they been doing scorpion control and removal in the Las Vegas valley. If they answer that it has been a few months, how can you feel safe that they can get the job done and protect your family.

Ask if they have experience or a degree in entomology. This will show that they are experts in their field and are up to date on the latest trends in terms of the scorpion population.